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okay so im at work im a bit depressed(as always), a bit worried cause im getting paranoid and nuts.

Well, im normally nuts but ya know.. i have become REALLY paranoid lately, random stupid thoughts. I am so afraid that something might go wrong with my man and that I might lose him and I am like seeing “shitty things” coming from everywhere. I am always afraid that I might like someone the “wrong way”(while i am usually and definetely not) and on the other hand I cant tell anything. Basically because my mind is like so untied, so fucked and so confused that my thoughts are laying all around and go round and round and round like a tornado. Of course they wont stop until they get me crushed.

As a friends usually says: the flaws of human kind reach to a certain point where it actually seeks self destruction.

well you bet! I am the most characteristic example of that! Everytime I have like the perfect relationship a really LOUD noise bangs in my head and a really weird red light, turns on that says: “WAIT! Everything is perfect. You’ve got the perfect man, the most loyal one, the most handsome one. The love of your life. You have actually found it but… BUT! Are you sure everythings well? are you sure there is nothing wrong? in your head? in your life? ” aaaaaaaaaand… DA DA! CRAPPY THOUGHTS STORM SUDDENLY AND RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!

sometimes i wish i was just some stupid bimbo so that no thoughts could go through my head. get in from the one ear and come out from the ear(As we greeks say sometimes). But again sometimes I just wanna sream to myself: TIDE UP YOUR FUCKING BRAIN, WOMAN!!! PUT YOUR CRAPPY THOUGHTS IN AN ORDER!!!! YOU ARE RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS!!!

But yeah…

Either way. I really need to make a site, for my photography and my dolls. Deviantart isnt useful anymore >_<

If you arent a member you simply cant view MANY of my photos, basically because they have a mature filter one. I’ve got many nudes and besides in deviantart i dont appreciate the favorites that ive got for my photos. Why? Well.. because the site nowdays is full of stupid dorks that have to do NOTHING with art and simply register in da, just to favorite the nude photography pieces that they like. Yeah, as you have imagined im full of these kinds of dorks when it comes to my photography. they dont see it as art, but they use it only to “pleasure” themselves. My art isnt made for that purpose!! Don’t you get it?! If you wanna see porn, get the hell out of this site and learn the difference between NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY, FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY AND PORN! arg… your brain is like a fucking crapball(well just plain meatball without the meat).

I would post some photos just to show to some dorks the difference but yeah.. they will probably kick me out of here if i post porn lol

Other than that I am a member in a pet forum so that I can help my bunny for whatever problems she might have, and a thread was oppened for the different breeds of bunnies and I posted some of them, one of these breeds were the Lops.

They are my favorite ones, other than Lionheads(Lionhead is my little bunny goddess).

Here is a great and really big one example of Lops hehe, this is a French Lop!


well a surely big one! hehe ^.^ isnt he adorable??? i think perhaps they over feed this little bunny lol!

I might be an artist but one day with my savings me and my man will get a farm or you know a “place” where i can breed bunnies ^.^ I will breed the following types of bunnies:

American Fuzzy Lop

Satin Angora

French Angora

Holland Lop


(thats my bunny goddess’s breed too 😀 )

Of course I will breed them only to sell them as pets. No meat! >_<

I’m still learning for more bunny breeds so I will keep on reading and writing hehe.


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