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so a plushie artist took an interview from me to put it in her blog about plushies along with other plushie artists!

here it is!


ive recently started to promote my shop through etsy, but with other kinds of promotions, like blogs etc!

so, pretty soon my ad for my etsy shop will be posted in a blog of a soap shop, for 3 months! i hope it works hehe. i can no longer haunt down people to show them my shop so that i can have some more buyers for my shop! (this is what i did through myspace locally, thats why i had some sales until now) but i cant do it anymore! i only can work through etsy!

so here is my new ad!(is can only be between 125×125 pixels!):

my new ad!

my new ad!

I chose one of my photos, that ive took in a photoshoot a while before, so that i wouldnt have to take a photo of another artist and deal with copyright and this kind of stuff.

what do you think? i think its pretty¬† good! and even though its no big deal, im really proud that i did it by myself heh…


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