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so a plushie artist took an interview from me to put it in her blog about plushies along with other plushie artists!

here it is!


ive recently started to promote my shop through etsy, but with other kinds of promotions, like blogs etc!

so, pretty soon my ad for my etsy shop will be posted in a blog of a soap shop, for 3 months! i hope it works hehe. i can no longer haunt down people to show them my shop so that i can have some more buyers for my shop! (this is what i did through myspace locally, thats why i had some sales until now) but i cant do it anymore! i only can work through etsy!

so here is my new ad!(is can only be between 125×125 pixels!):

my new ad!

my new ad!

I chose one of my photos, that ive took in a photoshoot a while before, so that i wouldnt have to take a photo of another artist and deal with copyright and this kind of stuff.

what do you think? i think its pretty  good! and even though its no big deal, im really proud that i did it by myself heh…


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Okay, so the other day i slept after midnight because a movie, in which Bruce Willis was starring, was on tv and I couldnt resist to that! I stayed up until 3 in the morning even though I had to get up at 9:30 for work and watched it whole.

I really didnt know what movie was that and so the next day at work i searched on imdb.com to find this movie and here it goes!

the movie was called Color of Night(1994) and from the ratings in imdb it was smthng like.. 4.7/10 !

well almost 5!

I even read in the imdb forums the questions that some people had onthe movie, actually because I found it to be really interesting, especially the plot. You know movies with murder, splatter and especially drama and psychological thrillers.. they are my all time favorite.( well of course zombie movies are smthng else… and yeah i also love Kevin Smith movies… but thats another thing!)

here is the movie poster(one of the movie posters):

so Bruce Willis is Dr.Capa. He is a psychologist who is usually too harsh with his patients, and so in the start of the movie, you will see one of his patients. In the second scene(which took me a while to figure out if this woman was his patient, his lover or smthng else – probably cause it was like 1 in the morning and i was sleept and kinda screwed and I couldnt tell which was what.) Dr.Capa unintentially pushes his patient to committ suicide. Well, to be honest I saw that coming cause his patient was a nut case(a complete one), so it was obvious that at some point she was gonna kill herself. I just didnt guess that it would happen while she was with her psychologist. So basically while Dr.Capa was trying to help his patient she through herself on his window and jumped from like the 1000000th floor and landed on the street. She was wearing a green dress and she was laying in a red pool of blood. That was what he saw from his office by looking down. So he suddenly went color blind. Whenever there was green or red he simple saw gray. After that he went to visit an old colleague, to take part in his group therapy sessions to help him in his “situation”. After a while his old colleague is murdered and dr. Capa find himself to have centered around the disturbed patients of Dr.Moore(his old colleague). He actually takes the responsibility to help them, and replace Dr.Moore, and also he is trying to find out which of them is the killer of his friend.

So, whats the catch in this movie?

I think the script is well written and its really intriguing for the viewer. The patients of Dr.Moore, are pretty interesting characters and quite developed too. Of course I didnt watch the movie in a really appropriate time, so the movie might have some flaws that my eye didnt catch(and to be honest many views in imdb are quite bad lol).

The only thing that REALLY disturbed me in the movie was that when Bruce Willis and Jane March(the lady in the poster) had sex for the first time, as well as in all the other times that they had sex(which they were a COUPLE of them if not a lot – one of the reasons why the movie is supposed to be an “erotic thriller”), the original score music in all these erotic scenes really reminded me of porn movies.(well yeah ive watched several so i can tell!). Well, the combination of this type of music and the specific erotic scenes. They were REALLY realistic and they ruined the feeling that I had from the movie. I mean like.. GIMME SOME BLOOD GODDAMN IT! If I wanted to see these I’d watch porn and enjoy itI suppose you need to have these kinds of scenes in an erotic thriller huh? well i would surely do without these scenes.

But there were some sweet ones like the one in the bath tub.(i wont say more u need to see it!)

I also liked a lot the twist in the end, i think when the movie ends then you realize what worthed in it. I dont get why it has so many bad reviews.. well i liked it! heh

Besides yeah Bruce Willis is one of my favorites hehe so i would watch that movie even if it was crap!

oh and btw if you havent listened to Macbeth.. DAMN YOU SHOULD!!!

dark fortress… black metal kai ta muala sta kagkela(like we would say here in greece).

yeah.. im listening to one of my favorite radio shows.. online.. an awsome chick that plays black metal,extreme,grindcore,death… for all the freaking zombies out there!

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Just some things to identify myself:

woman, lover, twisted, photographer, doll maker, painter, writer, poet, amature jewelry maker.                 Well surely an all-kinds-of artist.

So, I signed on this site just to be on the collective creatives blog. I thought I could participate on this, since I am supposed to be an artist. I thought I should use this blog as well though and not leave it like that. I am still thinking of what kind of pic I would like to put for my theme. Perhaps my baby bunny. I need to think about it.

Perhaps I will post some of my stories and poems here. Perhaps not.

I dont know really know. I need to finish those damn dolls. I have to finish a custom order, for a goth doll.

Then I can really start making some of the dolls I want for my shop. I have only 4 dolls left unsold and I need more to fill my shop up. But with all those custom orders I really didnt have time for that.

I dont think anyone will be interested in reading my blog here anyway, so I will simply write here some poems, stories perhaps, thoughts of madness, crappy stories, disgusting horror shocking writing.

Cause yeah, basically thats whats in my mind usually.

So, 9 days and counting before I see my man… only nine days left. Havent seen him for 4 months and 10 days.  I am not sure If I will stand leaving him again after 3 days but still I need to see him again so bad that my body is shaking and i have a complete break down just by thinking about it.

Its so strange. I cant help myself but wonder why do you even bother getting out of your home?

Like… do you really think that by going out everyday getting drunk and being a complete waste that you really enjoy life? I mean really, whats the point in that?

Anyway enough with that.

Let me write here a poem/smthng I wrote just 3 days before as a start.

Older stuff will be published as well.

 Can u look yourself in the mirror?



and for how long?

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I won’t.

It’s painful. hurtful. deceitful.

wondering, yearning, hoping.

for what?

are you stupid enough to hope?
stupid enough to care?
stupid enough to…


get up.
sit down.

get up.

no no. sit down.

Its annoying isnt it?
Not painful enough though.

Do you see the scars?
Always there.
Making your skin harsh
Only you can see.

only you.

no one should touch you
                          hold you
                             love you.

no one is stupid enough to do it
and nobody will.

Feel them.
touch them.

Now can you look yourself in the mirror?
Cause I cant anymore.

thats my bunny goddess, i took a pic of her today heh..

my bunny goddess

you are the one that keep me going my beauty. you and my man.

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