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She hates being with him. He buys her dolls all the time, little stupid dolls and fury stuffed animals. She takes off their little eyes made of glass; she takes off their pretty heads and even takes off their cotton guts and shows them to him. But he just doesn’t understand and keeps bringing her more. And just one day, he starts buying her little animals, real ones, so she won’t feel alone; he doesn’t want her to feel alone.
But all have the same end.
The little pig which was so pretty to his eyes, he thought it was the perfect gift for her.
She cut off its little twisted tail and it started squirming. She cut off its little pink ears and it squirmed even more. That didn’t sound like her dolls. Her stuffed rabbits weren’t squirming when she was playing with them. This little pig is simply one more of his gifts, it shouldn’t sound like that!
She put the little twisted tail and the ears in her small round box, the one that she had made on her own. In that little box she was keeping the parts of all her small world and she loved that box. It was made out of wood and she had dressed it up with the skin of the first stuffed animal that he had bought her, a white big bear. When her little pig was ready, she took it in her arms. It had stopped squirming already, now it was just like the others.
She went to him and when she saw him, she raised her eyes,looked at him and said:
“Look daddy! I made it for you! Isn’t pretty?”

this was the first story ive written based on my dreams and images ive got everyday.

i had this image while i was listening to pig destroyer i think.


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so heres is another new category. This one is for my stories.

Here Ill post them one by one.

This is the last one I’ve written.

“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
Pink clothes and a gum in her mouth
“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
Playing with her gum and chewing it childishly
“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
But her hair had fallen from her skull
And her face was nothing but bones
Come play with the little granny
Come and let her sit to your lap
She will behave, I promise.

this is the last one ive written. its been a while… This was inspired by an image from my nightmares.. you’ll get used to that. Many of my stories come from my nightmares. I cant get rid of them so I simple take advantage of them in any way I can. They are there every night.. so thats the only way i can live by having them by my side.

If you cant kill them… make them your friend.

So, this poem/story was based on a nightmare ive had, where i saw my dead grandma, i used to see her a lot in my dreams after she died. I still do although one year has passed already.

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