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So, yesterday I went to the 11th Antiracist Festival, that took place here in my town(Thessaloniki, Greece).

It was my first time in this kind of festival and it was absolutely beautiful. As in the antiracistfestival.gr (the official site) says:                                                                                                                                                      The antiracist Festival is an event organized by both locals and migrants with multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual characteristics, it is a political action for promoting social equality for economic and political refugees who live in Greece and at the same time it is an act of solidarity to all those who are experiencing any kind of discrimination due to their nationality, skin-color, religious, sex and sexual orientation. The festival is the capstone of our antiracists activities (protests, intervention to authorities, solidarity events and networking) through out the year. Its objective is to concentrate goals and actions of the antiracist movement and to highlight cultural ventures, alternative experiments of “opposition” and “creation”, forms of multi-national co-existence etc.

To be honest I was supposed to go to the 2nd street festival but i think i ended up being in the 11th Antiracist Festival or smthng oO I still havent figured that out but yeah okay lol. I went to the place that the 2nd street festival was supposed to be but.. uhm i saw some posters there from the antiracist festival.. so it got me confused a bit lol.

It was beautiful, there were different kinds of jugglers, clowns, bands that play reggae and ska, a photography exhibition(about racism), graffiti, capoeira, yoga, theatrical plays… it was beautiful!

I was there with my friend and I took also my camera with me(so i have some photos for ya!) and even though while we were watching capoeira i realized that my battery was empty >_< , i took a lot of photos! Basically cause we went back home to load my battery and we also took my bunny with us for a walk ^.^

I wanted to take her out to play a bit.. we also took the strap with us(i mean the thing that you put to dogs to take them for a walk? lol its just different for bunnies cause for bunnies they sell something thats similar to babies, cause if you wanna drag them or take them away from smthng you drag them whole and not from the neck). But after all it was no use to us cause my bunny was sitting really quite. She smelled with her little wiggling nose everything and then she came out of her little basket and i put her down to the grass where we were sitting, and i was kissing her and caressing her fur hehe. She didnt try to hop around or get away from us, so she was really good! she was hiding inside my legs or just sitting next to me, and after a while those two photographers came(the festival was full of photographers) to ask me if they can take a photo of my bunny ^.^ when we were leaving though my friend informed me that these two photographer were taking photos of us with the bunny long before they ask us about my bunny’s photo. lol

I was so happy cause they were looking at my bunny lol the place was full of dogs though but we didnt have any “big troubles” although one of the dogs came to smell my bunny and she got scared of it lol. I couldnt take much photos of the circus cause we were mostly laying down in the grass and i was so relaxed lol. I love these festivals and damn i love laying down in the grass and listening to reggae or ska  lol. Although i really missed my man cause i didnt have internet yesterday so i couldnt go online at all, but it was a good day and besides I called my man like 3 times yesterday, he called me 2 times as well and i sended also sms whenever i could lol. So i still had him with me in a way..

So the photos now!

graffiti art graffiti art 2 - I LOVE CLOWNS ^.^

These are the two graffiti walls that were made during this festival! My favorite is the second one cause well.. I LOVE CLOWNS!!!! ^.^

this is a photo taken from the photography “exhibition”.

Just a regular breast feeding ^.^

diablo – jugglers

puppy play ^.^

more to come!!


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