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Just some things to identify myself:

woman, lover, twisted, photographer, doll maker, painter, writer, poet, amature jewelry maker.                 Well surely an all-kinds-of artist.

So, I signed on this site just to be on the collective creatives blog. I thought I could participate on this, since I am supposed to be an artist. I thought I should use this blog as well though and not leave it like that. I am still thinking of what kind of pic I would like to put for my theme. Perhaps my baby bunny. I need to think about it.

Perhaps I will post some of my stories and poems here. Perhaps not.

I dont know really know. I need to finish those damn dolls. I have to finish a custom order, for a goth doll.

Then I can really start making some of the dolls I want for my shop. I have only 4 dolls left unsold and I need more to fill my shop up. But with all those custom orders I really didnt have time for that.

I dont think anyone will be interested in reading my blog here anyway, so I will simply write here some poems, stories perhaps, thoughts of madness, crappy stories, disgusting horror shocking writing.

Cause yeah, basically thats whats in my mind usually.

So, 9 days and counting before I see my man… only nine days left. Havent seen him for 4 months and 10 days.  I am not sure If I will stand leaving him again after 3 days but still I need to see him again so bad that my body is shaking and i have a complete break down just by thinking about it.

Its so strange. I cant help myself but wonder why do you even bother getting out of your home?

Like… do you really think that by going out everyday getting drunk and being a complete waste that you really enjoy life? I mean really, whats the point in that?

Anyway enough with that.

Let me write here a poem/smthng I wrote just 3 days before as a start.

Older stuff will be published as well.

 Can u look yourself in the mirror?



and for how long?

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I won’t.

It’s painful. hurtful. deceitful.

wondering, yearning, hoping.

for what?

are you stupid enough to hope?
stupid enough to care?
stupid enough to…


get up.
sit down.

get up.

no no. sit down.

Its annoying isnt it?
Not painful enough though.

Do you see the scars?
Always there.
Making your skin harsh
Only you can see.

only you.

no one should touch you
                          hold you
                             love you.

no one is stupid enough to do it
and nobody will.

Feel them.
touch them.

Now can you look yourself in the mirror?
Cause I cant anymore.

thats my bunny goddess, i took a pic of her today heh..

my bunny goddess

you are the one that keep me going my beauty. you and my man.


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