She hates being with him. He buys her dolls all the time, little stupid dolls and fury stuffed animals. She takes off their little eyes made of glass; she takes off their pretty heads and even takes off their cotton guts and shows them to him. But he just doesn’t understand and keeps bringing her more. And just one day, he starts buying her little animals, real ones, so she won’t feel alone; he doesn’t want her to feel alone.
But all have the same end.
The little pig which was so pretty to his eyes, he thought it was the perfect gift for her.
She cut off its little twisted tail and it started squirming. She cut off its little pink ears and it squirmed even more. That didn’t sound like her dolls. Her stuffed rabbits weren’t squirming when she was playing with them. This little pig is simply one more of his gifts, it shouldn’t sound like that!
She put the little twisted tail and the ears in her small round box, the one that she had made on her own. In that little box she was keeping the parts of all her small world and she loved that box. It was made out of wood and she had dressed it up with the skin of the first stuffed animal that he had bought her, a white big bear. When her little pig was ready, she took it in her arms. It had stopped squirming already, now it was just like the others.
She went to him and when she saw him, she raised her eyes,looked at him and said:
“Look daddy! I made it for you! Isn’t pretty?”

this was the first story ive written based on my dreams and images ive got everyday.

i had this image while i was listening to pig destroyer i think.


so a plushie artist took an interview from me to put it in her blog about plushies along with other plushie artists!

here it is!


ive recently started to promote my shop through etsy, but with other kinds of promotions, like blogs etc!

so, pretty soon my ad for my etsy shop will be posted in a blog of a soap shop, for 3 months! i hope it works hehe. i can no longer haunt down people to show them my shop so that i can have some more buyers for my shop! (this is what i did through myspace locally, thats why i had some sales until now) but i cant do it anymore! i only can work through etsy!

so here is my new ad!(is can only be between 125×125 pixels!):

my new ad!

my new ad!

I chose one of my photos, that ive took in a photoshoot a while before, so that i wouldnt have to take a photo of another artist and deal with copyright and this kind of stuff.

what do you think? i think its pretty  good! and even though its no big deal, im really proud that i did it by myself heh…

So, yesterday I went to the 11th Antiracist Festival, that took place here in my town(Thessaloniki, Greece).

It was my first time in this kind of festival and it was absolutely beautiful. As in the antiracistfestival.gr (the official site) says:                                                                                                                                                      The antiracist Festival is an event organized by both locals and migrants with multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual characteristics, it is a political action for promoting social equality for economic and political refugees who live in Greece and at the same time it is an act of solidarity to all those who are experiencing any kind of discrimination due to their nationality, skin-color, religious, sex and sexual orientation. The festival is the capstone of our antiracists activities (protests, intervention to authorities, solidarity events and networking) through out the year. Its objective is to concentrate goals and actions of the antiracist movement and to highlight cultural ventures, alternative experiments of “opposition” and “creation”, forms of multi-national co-existence etc.

To be honest I was supposed to go to the 2nd street festival but i think i ended up being in the 11th Antiracist Festival or smthng oO I still havent figured that out but yeah okay lol. I went to the place that the 2nd street festival was supposed to be but.. uhm i saw some posters there from the antiracist festival.. so it got me confused a bit lol.

It was beautiful, there were different kinds of jugglers, clowns, bands that play reggae and ska, a photography exhibition(about racism), graffiti, capoeira, yoga, theatrical plays… it was beautiful!

I was there with my friend and I took also my camera with me(so i have some photos for ya!) and even though while we were watching capoeira i realized that my battery was empty >_< , i took a lot of photos! Basically cause we went back home to load my battery and we also took my bunny with us for a walk ^.^

I wanted to take her out to play a bit.. we also took the strap with us(i mean the thing that you put to dogs to take them for a walk? lol its just different for bunnies cause for bunnies they sell something thats similar to babies, cause if you wanna drag them or take them away from smthng you drag them whole and not from the neck). But after all it was no use to us cause my bunny was sitting really quite. She smelled with her little wiggling nose everything and then she came out of her little basket and i put her down to the grass where we were sitting, and i was kissing her and caressing her fur hehe. She didnt try to hop around or get away from us, so she was really good! she was hiding inside my legs or just sitting next to me, and after a while those two photographers came(the festival was full of photographers) to ask me if they can take a photo of my bunny ^.^ when we were leaving though my friend informed me that these two photographer were taking photos of us with the bunny long before they ask us about my bunny’s photo. lol

I was so happy cause they were looking at my bunny lol the place was full of dogs though but we didnt have any “big troubles” although one of the dogs came to smell my bunny and she got scared of it lol. I couldnt take much photos of the circus cause we were mostly laying down in the grass and i was so relaxed lol. I love these festivals and damn i love laying down in the grass and listening to reggae or ska  lol. Although i really missed my man cause i didnt have internet yesterday so i couldnt go online at all, but it was a good day and besides I called my man like 3 times yesterday, he called me 2 times as well and i sended also sms whenever i could lol. So i still had him with me in a way..

So the photos now!

graffiti art graffiti art 2 - I LOVE CLOWNS ^.^

These are the two graffiti walls that were made during this festival! My favorite is the second one cause well.. I LOVE CLOWNS!!!! ^.^

this is a photo taken from the photography “exhibition”.

Just a regular breast feeding ^.^

diablo – jugglers

puppy play ^.^

more to come!!


so heres is another new category. This one is for my stories.

Here Ill post them one by one.

This is the last one I’ve written.

“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
Pink clothes and a gum in her mouth
“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
Playing with her gum and chewing it childishly
“The old granny was dressed up in a little girl’s clothes…”
But her hair had fallen from her skull
And her face was nothing but bones
Come play with the little granny
Come and let her sit to your lap
She will behave, I promise.

this is the last one ive written. its been a while… This was inspired by an image from my nightmares.. you’ll get used to that. Many of my stories come from my nightmares. I cant get rid of them so I simple take advantage of them in any way I can. They are there every night.. so thats the only way i can live by having them by my side.

If you cant kill them… make them your friend.

So, this poem/story was based on a nightmare ive had, where i saw my dead grandma, i used to see her a lot in my dreams after she died. I still do although one year has passed already.

Okay, so the other day i slept after midnight because a movie, in which Bruce Willis was starring, was on tv and I couldnt resist to that! I stayed up until 3 in the morning even though I had to get up at 9:30 for work and watched it whole.

I really didnt know what movie was that and so the next day at work i searched on imdb.com to find this movie and here it goes!

the movie was called Color of Night(1994) and from the ratings in imdb it was smthng like.. 4.7/10 !

well almost 5!

I even read in the imdb forums the questions that some people had onthe movie, actually because I found it to be really interesting, especially the plot. You know movies with murder, splatter and especially drama and psychological thrillers.. they are my all time favorite.( well of course zombie movies are smthng else… and yeah i also love Kevin Smith movies… but thats another thing!)

here is the movie poster(one of the movie posters):

so Bruce Willis is Dr.Capa. He is a psychologist who is usually too harsh with his patients, and so in the start of the movie, you will see one of his patients. In the second scene(which took me a while to figure out if this woman was his patient, his lover or smthng else – probably cause it was like 1 in the morning and i was sleept and kinda screwed and I couldnt tell which was what.) Dr.Capa unintentially pushes his patient to committ suicide. Well, to be honest I saw that coming cause his patient was a nut case(a complete one), so it was obvious that at some point she was gonna kill herself. I just didnt guess that it would happen while she was with her psychologist. So basically while Dr.Capa was trying to help his patient she through herself on his window and jumped from like the 1000000th floor and landed on the street. She was wearing a green dress and she was laying in a red pool of blood. That was what he saw from his office by looking down. So he suddenly went color blind. Whenever there was green or red he simple saw gray. After that he went to visit an old colleague, to take part in his group therapy sessions to help him in his “situation”. After a while his old colleague is murdered and dr. Capa find himself to have centered around the disturbed patients of Dr.Moore(his old colleague). He actually takes the responsibility to help them, and replace Dr.Moore, and also he is trying to find out which of them is the killer of his friend.

So, whats the catch in this movie?

I think the script is well written and its really intriguing for the viewer. The patients of Dr.Moore, are pretty interesting characters and quite developed too. Of course I didnt watch the movie in a really appropriate time, so the movie might have some flaws that my eye didnt catch(and to be honest many views in imdb are quite bad lol).

The only thing that REALLY disturbed me in the movie was that when Bruce Willis and Jane March(the lady in the poster) had sex for the first time, as well as in all the other times that they had sex(which they were a COUPLE of them if not a lot – one of the reasons why the movie is supposed to be an “erotic thriller”), the original score music in all these erotic scenes really reminded me of porn movies.(well yeah ive watched several so i can tell!). Well, the combination of this type of music and the specific erotic scenes. They were REALLY realistic and they ruined the feeling that I had from the movie. I mean like.. GIMME SOME BLOOD GODDAMN IT! If I wanted to see these I’d watch porn and enjoy itI suppose you need to have these kinds of scenes in an erotic thriller huh? well i would surely do without these scenes.

But there were some sweet ones like the one in the bath tub.(i wont say more u need to see it!)

I also liked a lot the twist in the end, i think when the movie ends then you realize what worthed in it. I dont get why it has so many bad reviews.. well i liked it! heh

Besides yeah Bruce Willis is one of my favorites hehe so i would watch that movie even if it was crap!

oh and btw if you havent listened to Macbeth.. DAMN YOU SHOULD!!!

dark fortress… black metal kai ta muala sta kagkela(like we would say here in greece).

yeah.. im listening to one of my favorite radio shows.. online.. an awsome chick that plays black metal,extreme,grindcore,death… for all the freaking zombies out there!

okay so im at work im a bit depressed(as always), a bit worried cause im getting paranoid and nuts.

Well, im normally nuts but ya know.. i have become REALLY paranoid lately, random stupid thoughts. I am so afraid that something might go wrong with my man and that I might lose him and I am like seeing “shitty things” coming from everywhere. I am always afraid that I might like someone the “wrong way”(while i am usually and definetely not) and on the other hand I cant tell anything. Basically because my mind is like so untied, so fucked and so confused that my thoughts are laying all around and go round and round and round like a tornado. Of course they wont stop until they get me crushed.

As a friends usually says: the flaws of human kind reach to a certain point where it actually seeks self destruction.

well you bet! I am the most characteristic example of that! Everytime I have like the perfect relationship a really LOUD noise bangs in my head and a really weird red light, turns on that says: “WAIT! Everything is perfect. You’ve got the perfect man, the most loyal one, the most handsome one. The love of your life. You have actually found it but… BUT! Are you sure everythings well? are you sure there is nothing wrong? in your head? in your life? ” aaaaaaaaaand… DA DA! CRAPPY THOUGHTS STORM SUDDENLY AND RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!

sometimes i wish i was just some stupid bimbo so that no thoughts could go through my head. get in from the one ear and come out from the ear(As we greeks say sometimes). But again sometimes I just wanna sream to myself: TIDE UP YOUR FUCKING BRAIN, WOMAN!!! PUT YOUR CRAPPY THOUGHTS IN AN ORDER!!!! YOU ARE RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE THIS!!!

But yeah…

Either way. I really need to make a site, for my photography and my dolls. Deviantart isnt useful anymore >_<

If you arent a member you simply cant view MANY of my photos, basically because they have a mature filter one. I’ve got many nudes and besides in deviantart i dont appreciate the favorites that ive got for my photos. Why? Well.. because the site nowdays is full of stupid dorks that have to do NOTHING with art and simply register in da, just to favorite the nude photography pieces that they like. Yeah, as you have imagined im full of these kinds of dorks when it comes to my photography. they dont see it as art, but they use it only to “pleasure” themselves. My art isnt made for that purpose!! Don’t you get it?! If you wanna see porn, get the hell out of this site and learn the difference between NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY, FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY AND PORN! arg… your brain is like a fucking crapball(well just plain meatball without the meat).

I would post some photos just to show to some dorks the difference but yeah.. they will probably kick me out of here if i post porn lol

Other than that I am a member in a pet forum so that I can help my bunny for whatever problems she might have, and a thread was oppened for the different breeds of bunnies and I posted some of them, one of these breeds were the Lops.

They are my favorite ones, other than Lionheads(Lionhead is my little bunny goddess).

Here is a great and really big one example of Lops hehe, this is a French Lop!


well a surely big one! hehe ^.^ isnt he adorable??? i think perhaps they over feed this little bunny lol!

I might be an artist but one day with my savings me and my man will get a farm or you know a “place” where i can breed bunnies ^.^ I will breed the following types of bunnies:

American Fuzzy Lop

Satin Angora

French Angora

Holland Lop


(thats my bunny goddess’s breed too 😀 )

Of course I will breed them only to sell them as pets. No meat! >_<

I’m still learning for more bunny breeds so I will keep on reading and writing hehe.

Just some things to identify myself:

woman, lover, twisted, photographer, doll maker, painter, writer, poet, amature jewelry maker.                 Well surely an all-kinds-of artist.

So, I signed on this site just to be on the collective creatives blog. I thought I could participate on this, since I am supposed to be an artist. I thought I should use this blog as well though and not leave it like that. I am still thinking of what kind of pic I would like to put for my theme. Perhaps my baby bunny. I need to think about it.

Perhaps I will post some of my stories and poems here. Perhaps not.

I dont know really know. I need to finish those damn dolls. I have to finish a custom order, for a goth doll.

Then I can really start making some of the dolls I want for my shop. I have only 4 dolls left unsold and I need more to fill my shop up. But with all those custom orders I really didnt have time for that.

I dont think anyone will be interested in reading my blog here anyway, so I will simply write here some poems, stories perhaps, thoughts of madness, crappy stories, disgusting horror shocking writing.

Cause yeah, basically thats whats in my mind usually.

So, 9 days and counting before I see my man… only nine days left. Havent seen him for 4 months and 10 days.  I am not sure If I will stand leaving him again after 3 days but still I need to see him again so bad that my body is shaking and i have a complete break down just by thinking about it.

Its so strange. I cant help myself but wonder why do you even bother getting out of your home?

Like… do you really think that by going out everyday getting drunk and being a complete waste that you really enjoy life? I mean really, whats the point in that?

Anyway enough with that.

Let me write here a poem/smthng I wrote just 3 days before as a start.

Older stuff will be published as well.

 Can u look yourself in the mirror?



and for how long?

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I won’t.

It’s painful. hurtful. deceitful.

wondering, yearning, hoping.

for what?

are you stupid enough to hope?
stupid enough to care?
stupid enough to…


get up.
sit down.

get up.

no no. sit down.

Its annoying isnt it?
Not painful enough though.

Do you see the scars?
Always there.
Making your skin harsh
Only you can see.

only you.

no one should touch you
                          hold you
                             love you.

no one is stupid enough to do it
and nobody will.

Feel them.
touch them.

Now can you look yourself in the mirror?
Cause I cant anymore.

thats my bunny goddess, i took a pic of her today heh..

my bunny goddess

you are the one that keep me going my beauty. you and my man.